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CSU Honors College

Congratulations on being a member of the world renowned honor society for two year institutions. If you are reading this you are probably in your last year and looking to take the next step to completing your academic degree. Hopefully, after looking over this site Columbus State will become your First choice for the next step in your academic career.

As a Phi Theta Kappa member you are looking for a university that you can call you own that will grow you academically as well as offer you many opportunities your current institution may not have. With over 65 degree programs, many are nationally and internationally recognized, there are many avenues for you to succeed academically and individually.

As a Phi Theta Kappa member you will also have the opportunity to apply to our Honors College. This is a program that does not accept just any "regular" transfer student but applications are open to all high achieving applicants with a 3.4 GPA or higher.

The Honors College is designed for academically talented students committed to engaging in their discipline through experiential learning and creative scholarship. Through the Honors College, students are able to design an engaging collegiate experience that takes learning to a new level. Honors students have access to honors coursework and seminars, study abroad programs, and academic engagement, which can lead to career advancement. Our award winning student organization, Honoris Causa, hosts the annual Columbus State University Tower Day celebrating undergraduate research and creative scholarship.

To apply as a transfer into the Honors College, please click here.

Aspirations - Honors College Newsletter 2016

As the Spring 2016 semester winds down, things are still in full swing in Honors College. Scholarship Interview Days, Conferences, and Research, oh my! Students are taking classes,volunteering as much as they can, and preparing for summer study abroad and internship experiences on top of taking finals!




PTK members are not just academics but are leaders - Leading... Serving... Growing

Servant Leadership

The Servant Leadership program is created on a foundation of love and compassion, where power and authority are used to benefit the whole of an organization, encouraging individuals to grow and achieve autonomy.

Servant Leadership at CSU is a comprehensive program committed to developing future leaders who practice the servant leadership philosophy. Participants are given the opportunity to develop leadership skills through exciting and innovative leadership classes, hands-on modeling of leadership practices, participation in community service projects, and much more. Scholarship members of the program are competitively selected and awarded a $1,250 stipend each semester for successful completion of the program requirements.

In addition to the traditional stipend program, the Servant Leadership Program at CSU now includes the Associate Program. The Associate Program enables any student who is interested in leadership development to take the leadership seminars, participate in community service, and enjoy many of the same benefits that full students in the program do. As stipends become available in existing full member classes, associate students have the opportunity to apply for those openings in the program.